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ABVIK accounting office is your support in accounting throughout the European Union, with a special focus on Scandinavian countries. Our team of experts, which includes a chartered accountant and a tax advisor, specializes in HR and payroll services for expatriate employees. Our understanding of international law, multiple languages and local standards guarantees a personalized approach and the best solutions for your business.

Our services can be used by all countries belonging to the European Union!

In response to the needs and
expectations of polish investors

This includes European markets, as well as foreign investors coming to Poland. Our offer is addressed mainly to entrepreneurs posting employees to work abroad as well as single-person companies performing a variety of projects in the IT industry, construction, assembly and shipbuilding services.

We understand better than foreign companies the essence of secondment of employees which allows to optimize the tax burden in EU countries. ABVIK accounting office specializes in human resources and payroll services for employees delegated to EU countries.

You can trust us!

Due to our knowledge of international law and the domestic law of Scandinavian countries, as well as the practice of tax authorities, we perfectly understand the realities of operation and the needs of companies cooperating on European markets. We know how to reduce formalities, risks and tax burdens in Scandinavian countries, i.e. Norway, Denmark, Sweden.

Our team is led by a certified public accountant and tax advisor. Our experience to date makes us up-to-date and practical, providing our clients with a great competitive advantage.

We serve small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors, not only operating locally, but also nationwide.

Do you run a business abroad and don't know how to account for tax?

Are you responsible for your employees abroad and have no idea how to get your accounting affairs in order?

Come to us, we will do it for you!


If our offer interested you welcome to contact us!
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