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Accounting and legal services in Denmark

We offer assistance in registering business entities operating in Denmark, in the Danish register Erhvervsstyrelsen and obtaining a CVR / SE number, as well as registering companies posting employees to Denmark in the provision of services under the RUT system.


accounting in Denmark

For those posting workers to Denmark, we offer assistance and advice on choosing a posting model that brings maximum benefit, while identifying and assessing risks.
Thanks to our knowledge of internal Danish law and the practices of the Danish tax authorities, we analyze the obligations of Polish companies in Denmark, evaluate a given project in terms of the establishment of a tax establishment, optimize employee income tax contracts taking into account the 183-day rule and the phenomenon known as international labor hire.
We offer assistance in registering business entities operating in Denmark, in the Danish register Erhvervsstyrelsen and obtaining a CVR / SE number, as well as registering companies posting employees to Denmark in the provision of services under the RUT system.


Registration for the RUT

Are you starting a business in Denmark and wondering about RUT formalities? Let us help you! Our company offers support in the field of registration in the Register of Foreigners - RUT, guaranteeing a fast and efficient implementation of all necessary procedures. Thanks to us, you will gain confidence that your venture in Denmark will start from a solid foundation!

Analysis of contracts executed in Denmark from a legal and tax perspective

Wondering if your contracts in Denmark comply with local laws and tax regulations? We offer a comprehensive analysis of your contracts from a legal and tax perspective. With our expertise, you will be able to make business decisions with full knowledge of their consequences and with minimal risk.

Employee salary simulations

Are you planning to work in Denmark, but aren't sure what the salary costs will be? Our team of specialists will conduct accurate simulations of employee salaries for you, taking into account all local regulations and obligations. Thanks to us, you will gain a clear picture of potential costs and be able to better plan your employment activities.

VAT handling - MOMS in Denmark

What is MOMS and how does it work?
Foreign entities are required to register for value-added tax in Denmark. However, Denmark has a reverse charge mechanism known as reverse charge.

The obligation to register for VAT purposes for a foreign entity will arise when:
  • Purchase of goods and services from other EU member states
  • services are provided to individuals in Denmark
  • services are provided to registered companies in Denmark that are not subject to the reverse charge mechanism (services other than real estate services, passenger transportation, short-term rental of means of transportation, restaurant and catering services)
  • Hiring subcontractors to provide services to the company when the Company performs tasks in Denmark (should the Company hire another foreign subcontractor)
The obligation to register occurs no later than 8 days before the start of services.


Preparation of tax records in Denmark

Are you expanding your business in Denmark and looking for professional support in maintaining your tax records? Our company specializes in this field! We offer accurate and compliant tax record preparation, ensuring that your business is always in compliance with local requirements. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to run your business in Denmark without any tax worries.

Preparation of Danish VAT returns

Struggling with the difficulties of VAT returns in Denmark? We are here to help you! Our company offers support in the preparation and filing of Danish VAT returns, guaranteeing their compliance with current regulations. Thanks to our specialists, your VAT obligations will always be on time and correctly drafted, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

HR and payroll services in Denmark

Personnel in Denmark

Foreign companies that wish to provide services in Denmark are required to comply with Denmark's restrictive wage laws. Workers' earnings must be at the level of Danish workers' wages, i.e., they must not be lower than the rates stipulated by collective bargaining agreements for particular industries, regardless of whether the company has joined a union.

Paragraph 6a of the Agreement on the Secondment of Workers to Work Abroad stipulates that in order to ensure that workers seconded to work abroad are paid at the same level as Danish employers are obligated to pay for the performance of similar work, it is possible to use collective action against foreign principals on the same basis as Danish employers to support the conclusion of a collective agreement, i.e., job lockouts.



Analysis and simulation of Danish rates based on collective agreements

Wondering what the current rates under the collective bargaining agreements in Denmark are? Our company offers a thorough analysis and simulation of the rates prevailing in the Danish labor market. Take advantage of our support and make sure your operations are fully compliant with local regulations.

Calculation of wages of employees posted to Denmark in accordance with the applicable wage rates

If you are posting employees to Denmark, you are certainly aware of the need to comply with the prevailing wage rates. Our team of specialists will ensure that the wages of expatriate employees are calculated accurately according to local standards. With us, you can be sure that your salaries are competitive and in compliance with regulations.

Applying for tax cards in Denmark for employees taxed in Denmark and assisting with self-taxation of employees in Denmark.

If your employees are taxed in Denmark, assistance in obtaining tax cards is crucial. We offer support in the entire process - from applying for tax cards to the actual taxation of your employees in Denmark. With us, you'll get through all the paperwork smoothly and hassle-free, providing comfort and reassurance to your employees.


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